Job of a Traveling CNA

If you do not like to work under the same employment roof for several months or years, then traveling CNA is the best option available in the nursing field. They have to visit to the resident's location and provide medical assistance. They may also have to travel to various nursing facilities to serve the patients. This concept of traveling makes this job interesting for those people who love moving to different places.

Who is a Traveling CNA?

A certified nursing assistant who works for travel CNA agencies and provides care to the patients at their respective destinations is known as traveling certified nursing assistant. Their importance is growing as there is a huge shortage of nursing aides. Many a times, nursing facilities and other health care organizations may face shortage of nursing aides. In such a situation, travel CNA agencies provide them with health care aides to serve the patients.

Why Choose a Traveling Nursing Assistant Job?

This is the best job for those who enjoy roaming around. You get to visit all the urban and rural benefits. The salary provided is comparatively higher than that given to the certified nursing assistants. On an average, they earn around USD 30,000 per year. Along with the salary, they are also provided with other benefits such as medical and travel insurance, housing benefits, and overtime opportunities. While moving to different nursing facilities, you become familiar with many co-workers. You also get opportunities to be a part of renowned medical health organizations.

How to Find Traveling CNA Job?

The first thing that you should do is to find a travel CNA agency. You should be very careful while doing so because there are chances that you may fall in the hands of a fake agency and find yourself in trouble. So the best way to find a reliable and a reputed one is by spoken communication. It is always safe if you know any individual who works for that organization and given positive feedback about it.

Another option is that you can visit agencies that has got a good history and has helped many health care organizations. Advertisements regarding their offers are published in newspapers as when the requirement arises. They often offer contracts and advise you to read carefully and sign the contract. If you find any organization to be a fake one or if any of them do not offer a contract then try avoiding working with them as this type of job is completely a contractual one.

Qualification for Traveling CNA Job

If you have completed your CNA training and obtained a certification and a license for the same, then you can apply for traveling nursing aides. However, most of the travel agencies provide employment only to those certified medication aides who possess few years of work experience in the nursing field. Therefore, it is advisable to work as a full time nursing aide in a health care organization and then decide to switch towards this job.

Traveling CNA Assignments

An assignment means the work given to a traveling CNA. They will assign you the work and the time period you need to stay there. Assignments can be as short as 3-4 weeks and as long as one year. They can also be local travel or long term travel assignments. In local travel assignments, you will be advised to visit the nursing homes or the patients resident within the city, whereas in long term travel assignments you will be advised to go to distant cities and will be provided with travel and housing facilities. After completing the first assignment, the agency will provide you with the second one.

Traveling CNA Opportunities

There is no scarcity of jobs in this field. Many a times it happens that the number of patients requiring medical assistance is more than the number of patient care technicians. This situation generally arises in a nursing home. At such situations, these nursing homes seek assistance from travel agencies to fulfill their requirement. There are also few health care organizations that do not have full time hospital attendants and it is these agencies who help them.

Travel CNA Working with Agencies

The bond between a travel CNA and a travel CNA agency is totally dependent on the contract and the contractual agreement you sign before accepting the job offer.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Every agency has their own rules and regulations. All these rules and the terms and conditions are described in the agreement copy. Some of the conditions include costs beared by the agency and that by the employee, hotel and flight bookings, penalties on cancellation of bookings, collection of educational documents and certifications from the employee, insurances, benefits and other policies provided by the employer, payment procedure, and number of assignments given.

  • Agencies Application form Procedure

    As soon as you are selected, you will have to undergo a background verification for criminal record checks and medical check up of the entire body. After this you will be required to go through their terms and conditions as mentioned above and sign the contract.

  • Pay and Benefits

    You will be provided a pay scale ranging from USD 12 to USD 14 per hour. It is advisable to negotiate the salary before you start your contract with them. You get plenty of opportunities to work for extra hours and get paid well for it. Most of the agencies offer bonuses if:

    • If you complete the assignments successfully
    • Sign-on bonuses or joining bonuses are also given
    • Referral bonuses are also provided if a person referred by you completes a long term assignment

    Other benefits include meal allowances, education credits, fees to obtain the CNA license, medical and travel insurances.

  • Housing

    The agencies either book rooms in hotels or provide private accommodations that are well furnished. If you decide to find a home comfortable for you, then they provide housing subsidy.

To summarize the job description of nursing assistant working as traveling nurse aids, the traveling CNA jobs are challenging and also require you to devote your time towards the patient fully.