Private Duty CNA Jobs

It is not necessary that a person interested in the field of nursing should always working in a hospital, rehabilitation center, or in a nursing home. Apart from these medical facilities, they can also work in the home of the patient, or for private home health agencies. Such type of certified nursing assistants are called as private duty CNA. They can also be called as personal care aides, home health aides and personal health aides. The most attractive part of this type of job is that such type of nursing aides can start their own business of nursing.

Educational Qualifications of a Private Duty CNA

The important educational qualification that is required is CNA certification. After completing the nursing assistant training and the certification, you will have to obtain the CNA license. Experience, thus matter in case of a home health aide. Almost all the employers look for experienced CNAs for the post of a private duty certified nursing assistant.

Some other qualifications and documents that are considered by certain employers are:

  • CPR (Cardio- Pulmonary Resuscitation) Certification
  • Knowledge of English
  • Completion of medical check up of the body
  • Background verification documents
  • Completion of two step PPD (if the results of PPD are positive, then an x-ray of the chest is compulsory)

All the health care organizations conduct a competency test prior to the interview to judge the candidates technical (related to nursing field) and aptitude level.

Private Duty Nurse Job Description

A personal care aide has two career options, either work with nursing agencies or start your own business.

Nursing Agencies Through various sources of information such as newspapers, friends and internet, information about nursing agencies in search of private duty CNA can be gathered. While finding such agencies, you should find out information such as the experience they are looking for, type of job provided (full time or part time), the shifts you need to work, their pay scale, and the maximum number of patients they assign to you in a day.

Some employers may expect you to look only after the medical care of the patients whereas, some of them may expect you to perform other housekeeping activities at the patients destination. This also depends upon the requirements and the physical condition of the patient.

Start your own business as a private duty CNA If you do not like to work according to the instructions given by the nursing agencies, then self employment is the best option you can choose to earn your living. As soon as you fulfill all the educational qualifications and possess few years of work experience, you can post advertisements related to your business in various mass media options such as newspapers, websites or create your own personal website and publish it. Find out patients who require medical assistance and start your business with them. Publicity is not a big problem once you get a client. You should set up your own pay scale that could either be an hourly rate or weekly rate, and your work schedule while publishing your business.

Being a private duty nursing assistant, you can definitely earn more than a certified nursing assistant. On average, you can earn around USD 14 to USD 16 per hour.

Essential Duties and Primary Responsibilities

The duties of a private duty CNA working in a health care organization include:

  • Conduct tests that help to check the pulse rate, blood pressure level and the temperature level of the body and make appropriate reports that contain information about all the records
  • Help the patients in bathing and dressing
  • Assist them in moving around
  • Dress up their wounds
  • Report the physical condition of the patient's body to the registered nurses or to the physicians.

In short, they perform all the basic duties that are performed by the certified nursing assistants.

The responsibilities of a personal health aide working in the patients home are given below:

  • Assist them with basic hygienic care that includes maintaining their personal hygiene, providing them the appropriate medicines at the right time, performing the important tests at regular intervals, helping them to do mild exercises so that they remain physical fit.
  • Prepare foods for them and feed them
  • Send their clothes to the laundry
  • Help them in shopping or assist them if they wish to move out of their home
  • Help in maintaining their home clean and neat
  • Assist them to read and write letters

CNA Private Duty Medical Insurances

The question of medical insurances arises when you are working for private nursing agents. Do nursing agents provide medical insurances? The answer is yes, however not all of them provide insurances. You need to ask them about it. There are several insurance plans that prove to be beneficial to the home health aides. Apart from these agents, there are several insurance companies too, that offer this facility. All of them have their own terms and conditions. Some of them also offer private pay arrangements. Both part time and full time nursing aides can enjoy the benefits of insurances.

Few terms that you should keep in mind while signing up medical insurances are:

  • Length of the Policy The minimum duration is one year and can be extended as per the policy you sign.
  • Claim Amount Since you are the owner of the policy, you will have to pay some money at regular intervals. It can be paid yearly as per the company norms. This can either be deducted from your salary or you will have to personally go and pay the amount for a specific period of time.
  • Lapse Time You should always pay during the estimated time period provided to you, otherwise, you will have to face situations such as late fine and your policy may get lapsed.
  • Benefits This policy will be useful to you in case you fall victims of major accidents or dreadful diseases such as cancer and heart-attack. You can also include the dependent members of your family for such medical insurances, however in such cases the claim amount that you need to pay will increase. During the reimbursement procedure, you will get the amount you paid regularly as well as the company will add some amount and reimburse the total amount to you when in need.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • If you are working individually as a private duty CNA and not under any professional organization, then you can work and demand the way you like to, but medical care comes first. You should keep in mind that the patient is provided with excellent quality of nursing care.
  • Insurances claimed help you to safeguard your living


  • If you are not talented enough to continue this profession , then there are chances that you may lose your patients and you will have to continue working in any health care organizations
  • If you are working with some nursing agencies, then it is necessary to maintain friendly and co-ordial relations with them. Bitter relations may result in you losing your job.

Private Duty Nursing Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the job opportunities for this profession will continuously rise. So long as we witness the increase in the number of elderly people in the society, the need for private duty nursing aides will increase. Care provided to the patients at their respective homes is one such thing that is preferred by most of the aged population, thus increasing employment opportunities for private duty CNAs. Thus, you can see that although, the position of a CNA is relatively lowin the hierarchy of medical professionals, they play a major role in the society.

Enrolling your name in the CNA job listings to make a good career will help to perform private duty CNA jobs as well as other duties as per the requirement.