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With website, we have tried to bring forward the latest CNA job descriptions in the U.S. States. We also have included the duties and responsibilities certified nursing assistants have to hold in each healthcare setting. One of the examples is "CNA Job Descriptions in Nursing Home." Let us inform you that though the activities the certified assistants do are the same wherever they work. However, depending on your employer, experience and the state you reside, you must expect a few variations in the job descriptions. You can also find help in describing the responsibilities in your resume to impress the employer.

We understand that many are not aware about the healthcare industrie's expectations from the nursing assistants. The position of certified nursing assistant is an entry-level. You will be working under the supervision of registered nurses. You are expected to do all the non-clinical activities in the facility that are not possible for the doctors and nurses. In addition, you are not allowed to take medical decisions on your own in any conditions.

Nursing assistants are required to bring it to the notice of the doctors or supervising nurses, in case they see or believe any problem in patients’ conditions. This website will inform you about the nursing assistants’ job description in depth, so that you can easily decide whether you can be comfortable in joining the nursing profession or not.

Any suggestions, recommendation from you are welcomed. Together, we can help each other as well as many other aspiring to become a certified nursing assistant. Please contact us at We guarantee that we will try to implement all your suggestions and recommendation soon.