CNA Work

A certified nursing assistant is a job that is in huge demand and have to perform many duties and responsibilities. CNA work is crucial and plays a significant role in all health care facility. All the work of a nursing aide can not be learnt in a day or so. Along with practice and adjustment to the medical environment, a fresher nursing aide gains hands-on experience and becomes well versed with the job duties of a nursing aide.

The certified nursing assistants are expected to be very responsible, as they work with the nurses and doctors who strive their best to help the patients to recover soon. Although, you may have learn all the responsibilities of a nursing aide during the training program, but mainly you learn while you are on duty, serving the patients.

Role and Responsibilities of a CNA

The role of a nursing assistant is same in all the health care organizations which is to take care of the health of the patients. But their responsibility differs from one job location to the other and from one patient to the other.

  • Nursing assistants working in hospitals have to look after several patients where each person may be suffering from a different disease. They will have to take vital tests that are essential to determine the condition of the patient, assist them in their daily routine work, help them to exercise, keep their rooms clean, and maintain their personal hygiene.
  • If they are working in a rehabilitation center, then the patients admitted are generally the ones who desire to live a healthy life and put a stop to their addictions. Nursing aides assisting such patients should possess the ability to help them get cured as soon as possible. Regular medication is also required.
  • Nursing assistants working in nursing homes or long term care facilities take care of old aged people. Aged population generally have a different mentality of thinking, unlike the young generation. The CNA's must understand them and then act accordingly.
  • Those working in pediatric health care , take care of the health of the children. Children are considered to be the most innocent ones and specially trained nursing aides should be assigned in pediatric health cares so that the children feel comfortable while the medical treatment is provided.

How Does the CNA work?

One of theĀ important CNA job dutiesĀ is to give medication. Certified nursing assistants work in shifts and are paid on hourly basis. You may also be required to work during weekends, holidays or for extra hours for which you will be paid extra dollars. They report either to a Registered Nurse (RN) or to a physician. The schedule of a certified nursing assistant is more or like the one given below:

  • Report to the RN or the doctor. They will give you the schedule for the day. You should always be in your uniform.
  • The schedule will contain the number of patients you need to take care of, for the current day. You should have a look at it and understand every duty assigned to you. If you have any doubts, you may ask your reporting person.
  • Start your day according to the schedule as assigned to you
  • Before conducting any vital tests, a nursing aide should go through the health record of the patient, make a note of the physical condition of the body and then carry out the tests, if required. Knowing the history of the patient is an essential thing.
  • While taking vital tests for the patients, you should note down the changes recorded in the health record of the patient so that it would be easy to know the medical history of the patient.
  • You may have to report to the doctor immediately, if you find any patient suffering from a critical condition.
  • After completing your task for the day, you should again report to your doctor or RN and inform them about the duties you performed. If there is any medical emergency such as lack of nursing aides in the hospital, then you may be requested to stay back so that none of the patients suffer.

Tips for CNA to Improve Work

Some may find the job of a certified nursing assistant an easy one, whereas some may find this job to be a challenging one. Given below are few tips that will help you to improve your work as a certified nursing assistant.

  • Punctuality and Time Management: You should always be punctual. If you start your work at the appropriate time, then the entire day goes smoothly. Do not start your work without planning it. As soon as you receive the schedule for the day from your reporting officer, plan your work, give priorities to the patients with serious conditions and who need utmost care of the nursing aides. You should always carry a small medical tool kit in hand.
  • Effective Job Performance: Perform the task correctly. . Avoid mistakes. This will reduce your work.
  • Possessing Good Communication Skills: You should have good communication skills with the patients so that you develop an excellent rapport with your patients. This will make the residents happy. This is one of the tips that should be necessarily be followed in a long term care facility where old aged people are seeking medical assistance.
  • Adapting to Night Shifts: Try to turn your night time shift into a day time shift. Eat your breakfast before starting your duty. In the midway, you should have a balanced lunch and have supper when your shift is about to end.

CNA work includes duties which can be physically and mentally tiring at times. You can do full justice to the job only when you dedicate yourself for the cause of offering service to the patients. A CNA should be dedicated to their job with the sole objective of serving the patients who need help, care and attention.