CNA Job Search

If you are driven by passion and have the desire to serve the people in distress and help them get back to normal life, certified nursing assistant job is the right choice for you. CNA jobs are physically and emotionally demanding, however, at the end of the day you will be happy to have made a difference in somebody's life. CNA has good career prospect and a qualified CNA can do their job search in wide range of health care providers such as, hospitals, private clinics, universities, military hospitals, acute care centers, nursing homes, adult day care centers and even private homes. A person wanting to make a career in health care industry as CNA has to at least possess a high school degree. After which he can get enrolled into the CNA training program offered by various colleges and institutions. The CNA course is spread over a period of few weeks to 6 months and includes theoretical and practical training. The course is divided into 75 hours of training, 51 hours of theoretical class and 24 hours practical instructions.

Who can Search for CNA Jobs?

A person wanting to go for this course should check with the best colleges in the state they belong to or in the USA. Those who are willing to take up this course but due to circumstances are unable to attend regular classes can always opt to go for online courses offered by various institutes. The candidate has to pass the CNA test to be eligible to start working in the health care sector. Theoretical exams are in place to test the candidate's grasp over the basic health care subject studied in the class room while practical exam is aimed at checking how the candidate fares in real life situations. This exam is more of putting your theoretical knowledge and understanding into action before state examiners where you have to display your basic medical skills on a live model. A practical exam is the one that actually determines whether you are ready to be absorbed into the highly challenging and demanding job as this.

Tips to Find Jobs

  • There are several ways to find jobs for certified nursing assistants. Some of them are given below:
  • Contact the nurse aide registry to know about the current job openings in the state. They are one of the best sources of information.
  • Newspapers and magazines also contain information about the employment opportunities available in the nursing field
  • Internet is one of the modern medium used for job search and it contains latest news about job vacancies. You can visit the websites of health care organizations and other job portals.
  • Get in touch with the recruiting agencies that will assist you in getting certified nursing assistant job. They will provide you details about the different openings and arrange your interviews at several medical facilities. However, before taking professional assistance from CNA job agencies you need to do thorough background check and also check for their credentials before you trust them for CNA job search.
  • Directly visit the hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care organizations and ask them, if there are any vacancies available
  • Contact the career counselor at the training institute from where you completed the training. They can guide you in the right way.
  • Contact your friends, relatives, and other nursing assistants who are already working in the health care organizations. They definitely have knowledge about the current openings that are available.

Qualities that should be Possessed While Searching for a CNA Job

  • The candidate should have knowledge about the nursing skills and be able to answer any question being asked in the interview
  • Should possess good confidence level
  • Have the ability to tackle any given situation
  • Should be dressed as per dress code

Although, the position of CNA is rather low in the hierarchy of the medical professionals, doesn't mean he has few responsibilities or is not important. A CNA has a very challenging job and there is no fixed time. He may even need to work on holidays or off days if required. However, you should plan your job search carefully and scan company profile before applying or accepting the job offer. Always see to it that you take up the job that suits your style of work and profile. This will let you hone your skills and make your future career prospects brighter. Make sensible decisions and stay away from fake job agencies and go only for reliable ones. Make sure you have explained your job expectations, qualification and experience if any to the consultant so that he comes up with the best job that goes well with your job profile.

Be it a traveling CNA job or any other CNA job, a certified nursing assistant has to work with patients belonging to different age, ethnicity and sex. Hence, it's fairly difficult to maintain that balance and cater to diverse requirements. But if you are driven by the commitment to serve the ailing and have the motivation you will still bask in the challenge thrown before you and see through the difficult times. At the end of the day you are filled with the satisfaction at having been able to make a difference in someone's life.