CNA Job Openings

One of the sectors that is continuously experiencing the need of more employees is the field of nursing and health-care for the job of certified nursing assistant. CNA job openings and opportunities are galore for the right candidate. The job of a certified nursing assistant in the medical field is challenging and demanding, yet if you are driven by the passion to serve the ailing; this is the right place for you.

Health care sector is a booming industry. The CNA is the one who provides basic medical care to the patients and looks after every small detail in an efficient manner. CNA job description includes working with a team of doctors and registered nurse and carries out the duties as assigned by them. A CNA may find jobs in various health care settings like, government health care centers, rehabilitation centers, private nursing homes, pediatric hospitals or in a nursing home, clinics, laboratories, acute care centers, and adult day care centers.

Techniques to Find out CNA Job Openings

  • Having a good network with the nursing assistants who work in medical health organizations is a good way to find out the current job openings. These nursing aides are generally aware about the conditions of the working environment. Therefore, they can help you know about job openings that occur either in their organization or in any other medical facility. They can also refer your name to the human resources department, if openings are available in the health care center where they work.
  • You can visit some hospitals and nursing homes and ask them about the CNA openings existing in their organization. If not, you can request them to inform you about any openings that may take place in the future.
  • Visit the training center from where you obtained your certification. They are one of the best sources who can keep you informed about job openings at different medical facilities. Most of them have nursing counselors who can guide the job seekers to obtain successful jobs. They generally have a list of employers who have got openings.
  • Your friends, family members, and relatives can help you to provide any relevant information regarding the opening for the position of nursing assistant. They can also ask some of their colleagues.
  • Many newspapers, magazines, websites and other publications that contain news and advertisements about the job openings that occur constantly in different cities.

    Jobs Opening

Statistics of CNA Job Openings

It has been observed that there is a constant increase in nursing assistant job openings for the past ten years. The table given below depicts the year wise increase in the employment opportunities in the nursing field.

Total Number of Employment(approx)

CNA Job Listings

The current job listings at various medical facilities in America are given below:

  • Name of the Company:- CVS Caremark
    Address:- Montgomery, AL(Albama)
    Required Post:- Nurse Pediatric Home Care
    Job Description:- To take care of the small babies or infants and administer the medicines from time to time.

  • Name of the Company:- Vitas Innovative Hospice Care
    Address:- Fultondale, AL(Albama)
    Required Post:- Home Health Aide (HHA) - Home Care
    Job Description:-To take care of the patients at their home and monitor the overall development.

  • Name of the Company:- Yoh Staffing
    Address:-Sacramento, CA
    Required Post:-Health Care Professionals Job
    Job Description:- Perform the assigned work in the hospitals and nursing home as per the requirements

  • Name of the Company:- Healthcare Pros
    Address:- Apple Valley, CA
    Required Post:- Healthcare OR, Travel Nurse
    Job Description:- Go to the patient's home, stay with them and take care of their daily activities such as exercising, feeding, bathing, medicines, etc.

  • Name of the Company:- Ben K & Associates
    Address:- Tallahassee, FL
    Required Post:- Nurse Practitioner / Nurse Specialist - Home Health Care
    Job Description:- Diagnose the patients, treat common illness and injuries, provide counseling session to the patients, and so on

  • Name of the Company:- Medical Staffing Source of America
    Address:- Belleville, IL
    Required Post:- Nurse Practitioner / NP Family Nurse Practitioner Healthcare
    Job Description:-Provide preventive measures, administer the dose of medicines and conducts vital check-ups

  • Name of the Company:- Comforcare Senior Services
    Address:- Novi, MI
    Required Post:- Caregiver, HHA, CNA
    Job Description:-Assist the patient in their daily work, preparing reports that describe the health condition of the patient and provide mental support to them

  • Name of the Company:- Kindred Healthcare
    Address:- Wayne, NJ
    Required Post:- Certified Nursing Assistant FT Days
    Job Description:- Basic Duties of a nursing assistant such as feeding, administering medicines, exercising, preparing report and health chart.

  • Name of the Company:- Kenkou Group
    Address:- New York, NY
    Required Post:- CNA/HHA's for In-Home Healthcare
    Job Description:-Need to perform all the essential tasks of a nursing aide such as collecting blood and urine samples, checking the vitals signs, preparing food and feeding the patients

  • Name of the Company:- Genesis Healthcare
    Address:- Cedar Grove, NJ
    Required Post:- Certified Nursing Assistant
    Job Description:-Must be able to perform vital tests that helps to verify the physical condition of the patient, communicate with them in an effective manner and solve their problems. Also, prepare the report for the overall development of the patient from time to time.

The density of CNA employment opportunities is not unique throughout the United States of America. According to the survey taken by the US Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the year 2010, California is the state that provides the maximum number of job opportunities to nursing assistants. In the year 2010, it provided around 106,000 nursing aide jobs to the job seekers.

A CNA is in great demand in nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and many medical facilities, thus creating plenty of job opportunities. With additional education, nursing aides may even open up many doors that will lead them to lucrative opportunities while serving the patients and making difference in the lives all through. CNA jobs are challenging yet very satisfying that helps you to enjoy your lives.