Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description

Certified nursing assistant(CNA), the designation itself describes their duty i.e. nursing or taking care of the patients. Being a health care professional, their main objective is to provide the proper care to the sick and the people undergoing treatment in the medical facility. This can be achieved by excellent communication and listening skills. If you listen to the patients, you can understand their concerns and needs in a better way. If you start thinking from the patient's point of view, then things become much more easy. This bridges the communication gap between the patients and the nursing aides. This will help you to perform your duties as a nursing assistant and help to build a rewarding career.

The responsibilities of the nursing assistant includes lifting the patients to the surgical wards and other emergency care wards, if necessary, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for the patient, taking care of the patient's food and liquid intake, observing the health condition of the patient and maintaining records for the same.

The Certified Nurse Aide is relatively low on the hierarchy of medical professionals but that doesn't mean their responsibility is less or it's not important. In fact, health care providers can't do away with CNAs. Proper care is very important for the patients and the doctor is too busy to look after that and has to depend on them to carry out the much needed duty.

Types of CNA Jobs

There are various types of CNA jobs that one can readily find. The settings may be different, but the CNA job description will be more or less the same and help you to gain valuable experience that will be helpful in your career prospects. The various fields one can work in, are mentioned below:

  1. Pediatric Care Assistant: A CNA in a pediatric center must be especially trained and be skillful enough to deal with children, adolescents and infants.

    • Educational Qualifications: A candidate who has completed their CNA certification and has obtained their license of a CNA can obtain an opportunity to become a pediatric care assistant.
    • Salary: Pediatric care assistants can earn around USD 28,000 to USD 30,000 annually.
    • Responsibilities:

      • To change the bed linens
      • Administer medication
      • Organize events
      • Empty bed pans
      • Check vital signs
      • Deliver meals
      • Respond to the patient calls
      • Interact with their families

  2. Nursing Home Assistant: A nursing home has a number of patients with several medical conditions. Thus the job of a CNA differs from one patient to the other.

    • Educational Qualifications: Completion of a minimum of 75 hours of training with nursing assistant certification and license will help you obtain this designation.
    • Salary: As a nursing homes assistant, you can earn around USD 25,000 to USD 28,000 per year.
    • Responsibilities:

      • Answer the patient's calls
      • Escort patients to the toilet or taking them for a walk
      • Deliver and feed meals to the bed ridden patients
      • Provide medicines and required drugs
      • Assist in brushing their teeth, combing hair, dressing the patients, and maintain personal hygiene

  3. Emergency Hospital Aide: Emergency hospital aides deal with patients who suffer from serious conditions and need intensive care on a regular basis. They report to licensed practical nurse (LPN).

    • Educational Qualifications: The CNA certification and license are the two compulsory educational documents required for this post. No other additional training is required. However, hospital aides who can support and lift the patients are generally given this post.
    • Salary: The salary of an emergency hospital aide is approximately USD 26,000 per year.
    • Responsibilities:

      • Checks the vitals signs of the patients receives family members of the patients
      • Keep the doctor and the nurse abreast of the developments regarding the treatment of the patient
      • Answer the phone calls
      • Organize and maintain files and records
      • Look after the administrative responsibilities

    Since, it is an emergency setting, therefore the work will be fast paced and hectic.

  4. Home Care Agency Assistant: Home care agency assistants are those who take care of the patients in their respective homes.

    • Educational Qualifications: Qualification of a high school diploma is not obligatory, but there are training programs to attain this designation. The National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC) and the community colleges conduct such training programs. The training can be either be completed through online or distance learning modes.
    • Salary: The salary of a home care assistant range from USD 20,000 to USD 23,000.
    • Responsibilities:

      • Deliver meals to the patinets
      • Change bed linens
      • Pack equipments and material in the car of the patient
      • Monitor vital signs and document the observations
      • Help them to take bath and maintain personal hygiene

    Sometimes the CNA is required to stay at the home of the patient so as to be able to provide round the clock attention and care to the patient.

  5. Medical Transcriptionist: A medical transcriptionist is a type of CNA who organizes and maintains files.

    • Educational Qualifications: A training program for one year or an associate degree is offered by most of the community colleges and vocational schools. Along with these courses, an on- job training will also be provided by the employer.
    • Salary: As a medical transcriptionist, you can earn around USD 32,000 every year.
    • Responsibilities:

      • Their main responsibility is to translate the recordings that are dictated by doctors into written documents and reports. They may also have to perform some other clerical duties as well.

The certified nursing assistant job description is of course physically demanding and emotionally draining. However, if you have the motivation and drive to serve those who can not help themselves to get back to normal life and recuperate from their illness, you will never regret your choice of profession. There are very few jobs that fill you with the content of having made a difference and bringing smile on someone’s face. So, go ahead and make a difference today.