CNA Job Description and Duties

One of the things that is expected by a patient and the family members of the patient admitted in a hospital, nursing home or any health care facility is excellent quality care. Though, it is the treatment that cures the illness of the patient but what matters is the way the treatment is given to the residents. This is done by certified nursing assistants. One of the major duties of certified nursing assistants is caring for the residents, but this may differ depending upon their medical condition.

Certified nursing assistants are referred to by different names depending upon the type of work they do and the department they work in.

Given below is the job description and the duties performed by different types of certified nursing assistant.

Types of Certified Nursing Assistant
Job Description
Nursing Assistant
  • Possession of a certification and a license of a certified nursing assistant are the mandatory things that are required to become a nursing assistant
  • Experience is not required
  • Nursing assistants are supervised either by Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Registered Nurses (RN).
  • Administer the CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and the first aid
  • Reporting the health condition of the patient to the RN
  • Assisting the patients in their daily work
CNA's in Hospital Emergency Rooms
  • Completion of 18 years of age and CNA certification is necessary.
  • Other certifications that are required are Basic Cardiac Life Support Certification (BCLS) and Health Care Assistant License (HCA)
  • They work in emergency rooms and their duties may change depending on the condition of the patient. This is a very critical environment to work in.
  • Monitor the vital indications found in the patients
  • Maintenance of the emergency rooms so that the next patient can occupy it
  • Maintain the ECG monitor and the ECG electrodes
Nursing Home Assistant
  • Should complete the CNA training
  • Should obtain the CNA license
  • Assist the residents for treatments and examinations
  • Adjust the lights and hold the instruments during the treatments
  • Sterilize the instruments
  • Check the respiratory rate of the patients
  • Turn the bedridden patients so that get bedsores
Geriatric Nurse Assistant
  • Nursing aides who look after elderly patients are known as geriatric nurse assistant
  • Their job locations could be hospitals, long term care facilities, rehabilitation centers, home of the patients or nursing homes.
  • Completion of a General Educational Development (GED) or a high school diploma from a recognized school or college is the primary education requirement
  • Accomplishment of CNA certification training and obtaining a CNA license and certificate are also mandatory requirements for this profession
  • Experience as a nursing aide in a hospital or any other health care organization is and added advantage
  • Their major duty is to take care of the aged people in the health care
  • They should provide emotional support to them
  • Excellent interpersonal skills is an important ability that they should possess so that the elderly residents feel comfortable and happy in the health care institute
CNA's in Intensive Care Units of Hospitals
  • Nurses working in Intensive Care Units (ICU) should have be extraordinarily skills, as they take care of patients who are extremely serious. Such residents are required to be under continuous observation.
  • The state approved certification of a nursing assistant and a license is necessary to obtain a job in this field
  • Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) certification is also obligatory. Such nursing aides should be aware about the cardiac functions and should know their role in case of emergency.
  • Medical terminology and medical secretary courses can be of great value while securing jobs for this post
  • Generally experienced candidates are preferred for this designation
  • The salary provided to CNAs go upto USD 16 per hour
  • Should know to deal with heart and oxygen ventilators.
  • Should inform the physicians immediately, if they find any mis-happening in these ventilators that may affect the physical health of the patient.
  • You should provide bath and maintain the hygiene of critically ill patients. However, this would be done only if suggested by the registered nurses.
  • Nursing assistants working in a Postanesthesia Care Unit (PACU) are known as PACU CNA. These units are also called as recovery rooms.
  • They work under the guidance of registered nurses
  • A certified nursing assistant certification and a license are essential educational qualifications
  • They take care of patients who have undergone surgery and are transferred to the recovery room to get well soon
  • PACU nursing aides should keep the rooms of the patients neat and tidy so that they do not fall prey to any infections
  • They should help them to walk around and do some exercise so as to help in maintaining constant blood circulation
  • Ambulating the residents from the recovery room to the examination rooms for check ups

Thus, nursing aides provide great care and help to their residents to recover soon, no matter wherever they work and how critical the patients are. You can refer to one of our next entries to obtain more information on job listings of certified nursing assistants.