CNA Job Agencies

One of the best ways to find CNA jobs is through the assistance of job agencies. They are recruitment or employment agencies that act as a medium between the employer(companies) and the job seekers. They find suitable candidates for the organizations who can prove to be beneficial for the growth of the institute. Candidates put forth all their efforts and hard work in the nursing assistant training and finally obtain the certificate for the same. They aim at obtaining a nurse aide job in the most suitable medical facility and the CNA job agency is the one who provides assistance in such circumstances.

How to Find a Good Job Agencies?

Though newspapers and internet provide names of several recruitment companies, it is always advisable to seek assistance from one of the best and reputed firm. Some of the tips to find good job firms are:

  • Ask your relatives, friends or any trusted person in the nursing field about the employment firms that provide jobs of private duty CNA and other nursing positions
  • Collect the information such as their reputation, number of candidates to whom they have provided employment, procedure of recruitment, and their terms and conditions through the internet
  • Directly visit their office and put forth your questions regarding the way they work and the achievements obtained. This will give you an idea about their performance and helps to judge their standard.

How do CNA Agencies Work?

  • Different employment bureaus have different style and procedures for assisting the job seekers. Given below is the standard procedure for the same.
  • Once they receive the curriculum vitae of the candidates on their portal, they will either give them a call or send an e-mail regarding the job openings for the position of CNA and further fix their appointment with the recruiter
  • During this formal interview (appointment), candidates are required to fill the required application forms and go through the testing procedures. Along with the application forms, they will also have to submit copies of their CNA certificate, license, background verification documents and medical check-up reports.
  • Some of the enterprises also conduct a screening test (aptitude level tests) to judge the capabilities of the job seeker
  • After this, a so called orientation is carried out. In this procedure, candidates are made familiar with their policies, terms and conditions of the organization. Candidates can discuss about the type of job they require, whether temporary or permanent.
  • As and when the companies come to know about any job opening suitable for the candidate, they inform them about the same and arrange the interviews

Benefits of Searching Jobs through Agencies

  • Less Time Consuming: It saves a lot of time that can be spent in searching jobs individually. They maintain a database of all the candidates with their updated information, provided the job seekers update their records. Therefore, finding such job are performed by these recruiting agencies.
  • Latest Opportunities: If you are finding jobs individually, it may happen that by the time you reach the medical facility, you may find that the vacancy is already occupied by some other employee. However, if assistance is sought from such recruitment organizations then you may find yourself to be the first one to attend the interview and get selected.
  • Suitable Job: After hearing few job opportunities, you may visit the health care facility to attend the interview, but may find out that the job is not a suitable one for you. This can lead to disappointment. This does not occur if search is carried out through recruitment firms, as they match the required profile of the candidate and then proceed with the further steps of interview.
  • Excellent Resume: Some employment agencies help in providing useful tips that can make your resume an outstanding one among all other competitors. This increases the opportunities of getting selecting for the desired nursing aide position.
  • Handling Confidential Information: Updating your profile on job portals does not ensure security of your educational, employment and personal details. Recruitment companies help to maintain the security of these details and seek your permission before providing these details to the employers.

Names of CNA Job Agencies

  • Maxim Health Care Services: This employment firm has got its branches spread across almost all the regions of the United States of America.
  • Adex Travel Nursing: It has got its offices located across the USA. It only deals with recruitment of travel CNAs and travel nurses
  • Star Nursing. Inc :

    Address: 2795 East Bidwell Street Folsom, CA 95630, United States

  • Alda Professional Placement Services:

    Address: 6108 Palomino Drive, Plano, TX 75024 USA

    This placement service not only provides job opportunities to the American population but also to those coming from other countries to America.

  • Cambridge Health Care:

    Address: 3290 North Ridge Road, Suite 290, Ellicott City, MD 21043

Terms and Conditions

Seeking assistance from recruitment firms, though is extremely advantageous, there are certain terms, policies and conditions that you need to abide by, if signed up with them. These terms may cover the following areas:

  • Fees: Agencies get a percentage of amount from both: the employer and the job seeker. This fees totally depends on the salary, bonuses and other benefits that the employee will be getting once selected.
  • Rebate: They have certain rules in cases where the employee is terminated from their job within a stipulated time period (mostly one or two months from the date of joining).
  • Payment Procedure: Details regarding the payment must be clarified at the initial state. Late payment can lead to interests on the principal amount.

The terms also include government laws and hiring procedure.

Thus, the task of certified nursing assistant jobs search becomes extremely easy along with the assistance provided by the CNA job agencies. They act as helping hands in providing the most suitable job for the nursing aspirants.