CNA Hospital Jobs

CNA jobs are in high demand as per the industry standards and a certified nursing assistant can find many job opportunities in the health care sector to pursue a lucrative career. CNA hospital jobs are one such nursing field of employment that provides many job opportunities, good salary, flexible shifts, scope for good career aspects and many other benefits. This way they get an opportunity to gain more knowledge and learn more skills that help them to grow professionally.

Hospitals is one of the best places to start your career as a certified nursing assistant. Suitable years of experience as a hospital CNA will easily create scope of enhancing your career in the nursing field. Apart from hospitals, you can work in clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and at homes for the elderly. In hospitals, you would be expected to be a part of a team of nurses and you would be required to play an active role in medication management.

CNA Job Description in Hospitals

Hospital being a very huge medical center has got several departments where patients with different illness, disabilities, and medical issues are admitted. Thus, the responsibility of a certified nursing assistant working in various departments of a hospital vary depending upon the department they work in. Given below is the job description of nursing aides working in several departments of a hospital.

  • Outpatient Department (OPD):

    • Educational Qualification:A basic certification of a certified nursing assistant and a CPR certification are compulsory to work in an outpatient department of the hospital.
    • Duties:Their duties include attending the patients (incoming and outgoing) and providing them the appropriate medicines as suggested by the doctor. They should also possess computer knowledge for maintaining records, and perform other simple administrative tasks with respect to the OPD itself.
  • Operating Theaters:

    • Educational Qualification:A bachelor of science degree in nursing is the educational qualification required for a nursing aide, who wants to work in an operating theater. Other certifications that are obligatorily are CNA certification and training in surgical procedures and medication.
    • Duties:There is a huge list of duties that are required to be performed by nursing aides working in operating theaters. Some of them include:
      • Monitors the blood glucose level
      • Ensures and maintains the hygiene of the operating room
      • Prepares the instruments that are required for the surgery
      • Collects blood samples
      • Sterilizes the surgical instruments
      • Monitors the equipment that are used in the surgical room and ensures that the equipment are suitable enough to use for the operation.
      • Provides care to the patients post the surgery
      • Keeps a record of the medicines available in the stock and place orders for the required medicines and materials according to the instructions given by the nurse anesthetist
      • Monitors the patients who are admitted in the recovery room
      • Administers anesthesia
      • Monitor the balance of fluid electrolyte and the supply of oxygen given to the patients
  • Emergency Rooms:

    • Educational Qualification: A certification of a nursing aide and an active license. Other certifications required are BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support) Certification and a Health Care Assistant (HCA) License.
    • Duties:
      • Take vital tests that are necessary to determine the condition of the patient and prepare the reports describing the same
      • Respond to the patients call
      • Collect specimens, label them and send them to the laboratories for testing
      • Place the ECG electrodes and to attach the ECG monitor properly
      • Adjust the oxygen level as per the instructions given
  • Intensive Care Units:

    • Educational Qualification: A BCLS and a CNA certification is a must to be eligible to work in an ICU. Additional certifications include medical terminology or medical secretary courses. Preference is given to candidates having these additional qualifications.
    • Duties: Nursing assistants working in intensive care units are supposed to be extremely cautious, as they deal with patients who are under serious conditions. The patients under their observation are usually accompanied by oxygen and heart ventilators.

CNA hospital jobs are high paying as well as lucrative. Hospital CNAs earn around USD 19,000 to USD 29,000 per year (USD 10 to USD 13 per hour). This pay scale also varies depending on the department they work and the responsibilities that they undertook. Usually, those working in intensive care units are paid the maximum salary that is around USD 16 per hour.

Hospital CNAs usually follow rotating weekend schedules. In addition to the 12 hour shift, chances of working for extra hours (overtime) is more in hospitals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working as a Nursing Aide in Hospitals


  • Both full time and part time jobs are available
  • As compared to all other medical facilities, the salary provided to certified nursing assistants in hospitals is higher.
  • Though you need to work in shifts, you can exchange your shift with your colleagues when you need to do so. As there are many nursing assistants working in a hospital, exchanging shifts become very easy.
  • You will be provided with rotating weekend schedules


  • You may come across several patients every day. This may result in slight confusion in recognizing your patients and the family members of the patients. The patients are not the same, as in case of nursing homes and they keep changing after every two to three days.
  • The duration of the shifts are mostly for twelve hours

All the general hospital CNA job duties though may sound technically difficult to start with, but constant practice will make you an expert and help you to grow in this field and enjoy the benefits.