CNA Careers

There are many opportunities for individuals who want to pursue their career in the health care sector. Certified nursing assistant jobs are in high demand, as it pays well to all the hierarchical levels of CNAs and there is immense scope of growth for all of them. This is the reason for increase in the number of aspirants for CNA careers.

Certified nursing assistants play an important role in long term as well as midterm health care facilities. They spend the maximum number of hours with patients, more than the nurses and doctors. As a part of a team of nursing staff or as an individual caretaker, nursing aides provide care for patients who need help in conducting their daily activities such as bathing, dressing and feeding. A certification is a must for a nursing assistant to work in any kind of health care facility and to grow professionally.

History of CNA

In the ancient times, assisting the injured and the sick people was done by individuals who were not skillful enough in this field. But today, this has become a profession that is in great demand of experienced, talented and skillful nursing assistants.

In the first World War, the Red Cross Institute launched the Volunteer Nurses' Aide Service in order to fulfill the requirements of nursing aides serving the injured people. The training given to this group of nurses, made them understand the importance of patient care. In the year 1987, the Congress introduced the Omnibus Reconciliation Act (OBRA) due to insufficient medical care and quality nursing assistance in several nursing homes of the nation. This resulted in the need of well trained employees working in Medicaid and Medicare nursing homes. The training provided improved the quality of care provided to the patients in medical facilities.

Board of Nursing was introduced in every state to administer the training and the certification programs of nursing assistants in their respective state. This trend is continued for more than hundred years and measures to increase the quality of the training is continuously been done to satisfy the patients needs in according to the medical treatment provided. Training and certification has become mandatory in the USA so that only approved, talented and trained people undertake the job of a CNA

Scope for a CNA

A CNA can be a part of a team of nurses and assigned special task of taking care of few patients who need care. The nursing aide is responsible for reporting to the nurses and doctors on a daily or weekly basis and also monitoring the improvement in the health of the patient. There are various health care facilities that help you to pursue lucrative CNA careers as a certified nursing assistant. You can work in a hospital, nursing home, assisted living facilities, clinics, home health care agencies, and rehabilitation centers.

Nursing homes are the only health care facilities which are required to hire certified nursing assistants and so you can definitely have enough scope to find high paying job in a nursing home. Once you are certified, you would be registered as a certified nursing assistant in your state. Then, you can obtain a list of health care facilities in your state and start applying for the best facilities as per your preference. It is for sure that you would get number of opportunities in the beginning, which offer you good salary, but you have to be sure in deciding which kind of health care facility you want to work in.

  • There is also increasing need of trained nursing aides who can take care of aged patients who require medical as well as personal care on a daily basis.
  • Those who like taking care of children have an option to work in pediatric centers. This is a place where children are kept under medical supervision and undergo treatments. The nursing assistants should be skillful enough to handle the children.
  • Hospital CNAs are one of the most common types of nursing aides that majority of freshers think of. The duties of a nursing aide in hospitals differs for every patient depending on the type of treatment that every resident undergoes. Along with their major duties of monitoring the patients health and maintaining the hygiene of the patients, they may have to conduct vital tests for most of the residents, prepare the surgical rooms for surgery, take utmost care of people admitted in emergency care wards, and dress up the wounds of the patients. They may have to take care of several residents every day.
  • Traveling nurses is another scope for a CNA. You can work for traveling CNA agencies who hire traveling nurses on contractual basis and send them to the health-care organizations or to the home of the patients to provide them medical assistance.

Emerging Career Opportunities

Along with its diverse scope of job opportunities, the increase in experience will provide more space for enhancing your career as a CNA. Working as a CNA for around one to two years will give you considerable experience to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) provided you clear the licensing exams for LPNs. Few years of experience as a LPN along with relevant bridge programs of Registered Nurses (RN) will help you become a RN. However, if you are a certified nursing assistant and if you complete programs such as Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (BSN) or Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), then you can directly become a RN.

Other career opportunities include Patient Care Technician (PCT), Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Health Nurse, Public Health Nurse (PHN), and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA).

Certified nursing aides has become an integral part of any health care facility. You will also have to understand the fact that there are certain limitations in your role as a nursing aide in terms of the care you provide to the patients. The medical care should be given only under the supervision of the nurse. CNA careers provide you immense opportunity to obtain good CNA jobs.